Westside Media Group 2012 Leap Year Sale on Dubbing & Conversion

For Pilot Season, Los Angeles Post Production House Offers Leap-Year Sale on Video Conversion, Video Duplication and Video Mastering Services

(PRLEAP.COM) February 24, 2012 – A leading full service post production house in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, Westside Media Group, announces a 29% off “Leap Year Sale” for Video Duplication and Conversion Services starting February 29th.

Video Duplication and Conversion Services are performed in Westside Media Group's Machine Room
Video Duplication and Conversion Services are performed in Westside Media Group's Machine Room

Pilot Season starts in March, and Los Angeles Production Companies and Hollywood Studios will be scrambling to produce and edit their television pilots as fast as possible,” says Lewis Lipstone, president of Westside Media Group. “WMG is going to help get these projects done by discounting all our Tape Duplication and Conversion Services.”

Large and small production companies already use Westside Media Group when they have no video duplication or conversion equipment of their own or have a large project that just has to be finished on time. It’s just as common for broadcast networks and top production companies to finish their most important projects with WMG’s video conversion and dubbing services as it is for small independent producers to dupe and convert their projects there.

Westside Media Group is also well known for their high quality edit bay rental services. While there are strong prejudices about which editing platform is best, Westside Media Group’s editing bays feature both Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer running on 8 and 12 core Apple Macintosh towers with 12GB RAM and local 6TB RAID 0 hard drives.

WMG’s edit bays have everything that a production company needs to complete a broadcast television editing project. The bays feature a 28-terabyte dual fiber optic RAID systems capable of speeds of 500mb per second and have the ability of sharing files using several systems from 4:2:2 to 4:4:4.

The WMG Edit Bays are usually referred to as “Editing Suites” because they also feature 42 inch HD client flat panel monitors, comfy couches, ample workspace, super-fast wireless internet, security parking, our own security system, and a full-amenity kitchen. Clients tell Lipstone, “We get the VIP treatment at WMG.”

Plus, as a full-service video equipment rental company, WMG can provide any other editing services or equipment that editors and producers may need. WMG keeps an extensive line of HD and SD decks, including Panasonic D5 decks, Sony HDSR decks, DVCAM decks, DVCpro decks, and XD Cam Decks as well as a wide variety of tape stock for any format — all on site for your convenience.

The sale, which starts on February 29, 2012 and lasts for 29 days, is Lipstone’s effort to help support the Hollywood production community during Pilot season — a “crunch time” for producers of new television shows.

When asked why WMG is having its first sale in over 4 years, Lipstone replied that “There are more new cable channels starting every month, and the appetite for new shows to fill those channels, as well as to fill the program lineups for the major broadcast and cable networks, is huge and growing.”

Lipstone continued, “And even though our Duping and Conversion machines are booked nearly to capacity, we’re hoping that helping both our large and small clients will help get more shows done on time, and will help our clients remember us when their shows become big hits.”

The Leap Year Sale is for 29% off of all of WMG’s video duplication and conversion. WMG’s central machine room is equipped with the latest HD monitors, scopes, closed captioning injectors and Teranex format converters. Dubbing services include Tape to FCP, FCP to tape, HDSR Cloning, up conversion, down conversion, cross conversion, standards (NTSC to PAL/PAL to NTSC) conversion, Digital Noise Reduction…in all, 122 different format conversions can be done during the tape dubbing process. The sale is for new clients only. Edit Suite Rentals, Video Equipment Rentals, and Tape Stock Sales are not included in the sale.

Lipstone does offer one warning: “Our video services are often booked weeks in advance, and both space and time are limited. If you’ve got a video duplication or conversion project with a looming deadline, you should get your order in early.” To help producers and editors in a late-night panic, they can even reserve video services online at WMG’s website.

Westside Media Group is the leading video equipment rental company for broadcast quality editors and producers. WMG’s edit suites are state of the art, and their staff of professional editors can either guide you through editing your own projects or do the work for you. WMG has video tape stock for sale for all of the machines it rents and video services that it provides. More details about the sale are available on WMG’s website at www.WestsideMediaGroup.com or by calling 310-979-3500.

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