Video Equipment Rentals in Virginia

HD VTR Rentals - Sony HVR M35U Rental
HD VTR Rentals – Sony HVR M35U Rental

Westside Media Group has an extensive selection of Video Equipment Rentals in Virginia. Offering Video Equipment Rentals compatible with XD, HD, and SD formats, Westside Media Group can get you the Video Equipment you need to finish your project on time. Our years of experience and extensive selection of Video Equipment Rentals in Virginia, as well as Video Services and Edit Suite Rentals make us an ideal partner for your next project.

A small selection of the Video Equipment Rental in Virginia we currently offer includes:

  • Monitors for rent in Virginia. Westside Media Group offers two choices of monitors: the JVC GD-463D10U and the JVC DT-V24G1Z. The JVC GD-463D10U is perfect for students and graphic designers who need 3D capability, and the JVC DT-V24G1Z is JVC’s leading professional series monitor.
  • Scopes for rent in Virginia. Westside Media offers both the Leader LV5700 and Leader LV5700A. The LV5700A is a Multi SDI Monitor that is HD and SD-SDI compatible. Alternatively, the LV5700 is a cost effective solution for 3G/HD/SD-SDI applications. Both units feature an adjustable tilt front panel.
  • Teranex for rent in Virginia. Westside Media Group has a number of Teranex to choose from: the Teranex Mini Rental, the Teranex VC100 Rental, and the Teranex VC120 Rental. Teranex image processing offers unmatched quality for today’s demanding video professionals. If the Teranex Mini doesn’t offer all the features you need, consider the more robust Teranex VC100 and the Teranex VC120. The VC120 offers the same features as the VC100, but also supports 3G and 4:4:4 video processing.

Westside Media Group’s also has the following Video Equipment Rentals in Virginia:

Westside Media Group continues to serve the video industry in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Culver City, Burbank, and Santa Monica for over 20 years. Whether you’re filming a reality television show or shooting a commercial, Westside Media Group’s years of experience and wide range of Rental Equipment and Services help ensure your project turns out a success. Even though Westside Media Group is located near Los Angeles, we are able to ship you Rental Video Equipment nationwide. Contact Westside Media Group for more information.

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