Video Editing in Los Angeles

Looking for Video Editing in Los Angeles?

If you need fast, professional video editing services, then look no further than Westside Media Group. We have edited video for everyone from major motion picture studios, to independent producers. And we have edited every type of video imaginable: commercials, full-length films, TV shows, and anything else you can think of. Click here to find out more about us.

Westside Media Group offers a wide range of video editing resources when you need video editing in Los Angeles. We serve the entire Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica, Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley, as well.

Video Editing Services we offer include:

Audio Editing Service – If the quality of your audio is not what you think it should be, then Westside Media Group can help. We offer a wide range of audio services, from aligning your audio and video together, to taking out unwanted noise.

Captioning Services – Our closed captioning service has been used by everyone from independent filmmakers, to major Hollywood studios. We can perform closed captioning in English or any other language. Or, if you rather caption your videos yourself, then take a look at one of our closed caption encoders for rent.

Compression Service – Have a video you need converted into another format? Then you’re in luck, because we’ll take any source (tape, file, etc) and compress it into any other format.

Digitizing and Tape Captures Service –

Whether you’re an independent filmmaker or a big production company, we can take your HD video footage and compress it to DVD’s or files small enough to watch on your laptop. We do this by capturing your tapes to our RAID/your hard drive – or vice versa.

Our RAIDs are capable of capturing full 4:4:4 10 Bit Uncompressed video at 2K. This is especially invaluable if you’re shooting in various locations and need to have your material quickly at your disposal. Regardless of your situation we can take care of any digitizing/tape captures you need.

DPX File Conversion Service – Visual effects companies, graphics houses, and special-effects-focused production companies, here is something to pay attention to. We provide a DPX file conversion service, convert Cineon, and other image sequences to any format, or we output them to tape. We use specialty software, designed specifically for these image formats, to ensure correct transfer of image data. We’ve used this process on studio-scale and smaller projects alike.

Editing and Tape Outputs Service – Need HD video editing for your project? We provide full video editing & tape outputs using Final Cut Pro. Wondering about the editing skills of the staff at Westside Media Group? Not to worry, our editors have worked on projects ranging from TV commercials to indie feature films, and we can handle any project ranging from home movies to blockbuster films.

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