Sony SRW-5800 Rental

Sony SRW-5800 Player Rental in Los Angeles, West L.A., Santa Monica, Culver City, Burbank, Hollywood

If you’d like the ability to transfer 4:2:2 1080/60P or 4:4:4 1080/24P materials via single SDI connection rather than dual-link HD-SDI interface – and you’re in the Los Angeles area – then renting the Sony SRW-5800 Player is your solution.

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Whether you’re editing a major motion picture trailer or a local television commercial via HD video, the Sony SRW-5800 gives you everything you need at a reasonable cost.

The Sony SRW-5800/1 added 3G-SDI interface (SMPTE 425M level B) to Sony SRW-5800 to provides the users with transfer of 4:2:2 1080/60P or 4:4:4 1080/24P materials via single SDI connection rather than dual-link HD-SDI interface. 3G-SDI and 1.5G SDI can be selected separately for HD-SDI input/output, monitor output and format converter output by setup menu. With HKSR-5001/20 format converter option card, the SRW-5800/1 provides 1080 50/59.94P from/to 720 50/59.94P conversion, 1080 23.98PsF to 1080 59.94P conversion with 3-2 Pull-Down as well. The Sony SRW-5800 HDCAM-SR Studio Recorder is equipped with the same key features as SRW-5500 and SRW-5000 recorders in the series. This deck records 1920 x 1080 resolution 10bit HD signals using MPEG-4 Studio Profile with visually loss-less compression. Video data rate is 440Mbps and 880Mbps is also possible with HKSR-5803HQ option. 12 channels of 24-bit discrete uncompressed audio can be recorded. Multiple frame rates are supported i.e. 1080 23.98/24/25/29.97/30PsF, 50/59.94/60i and 720 50/59.94P. 1080 50P and 59.94P are also supported with HKSR-5803HQ by using double speed recording mode. RGB4:4:4 signals can be recorded and played back with option cards. The HKSR-5803SQ supports 4:4:4 SQ mode only and the HKSR-5803HQ supports both 4:4:4 SQ and HQ mode. By using HKSR-5802 option, it can playback HDCAM and Digital Betacam tapes. Up-conversion output is possible when playback Digital Betacam tapes. HKSR-5001 format converter option for SRW-5000 and SRW-5500 can be used for the Sony SRW-5800, too. This versatile format converter allows 2-3 pull down and 1080i or 1080PsF to 720P conversion or vice versa. Color space conversion between 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 is possible as well. HKSR-5803HQ option enables X2 transfer of Video, Audio and Timecode to specified server in 1080 50i (25PsF), 60i (30PsF), 24PsF and 720 50/59.94P over HD-SDI dual link by using 880Mbps mode.


  • Full Bandwidth HDCAM-SR studio recorder
  • 3G-SDI interface (SMPTE 425M Level B) is supported
  • Equipped with same key features as SRW-5000 and SRW-5500
  • MPEG-4 Studio Profile visually loss-less compression
  • 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x720 resolution, 10bit video sampling
  • 12 channels of uncompressed audio at 24bit sampling
  • Records non audio AES/EBU data in audio tracks
  • Multiple Frame rates 1080 23.98/24/25/29.97/30PsF, 50/59.94/60i, 720 50/59.94P
  • Optional RGB4:4:4 SQ/ HQ recording and playback (HKSR-5803SQ or HKSR-5803HQ)
  • Optional HDCAM playback and Digital Betacam playback with Up-converter (HKSR-5802)
  • Optional Format Converter provides 2-3 pull down, 1080/720P, 4:4:4/4:2:2 conversion (HKSR-5001)
  • 880Mbps double speed mode enables 4:4:4 HQ, 4:2:2 1080 50/60P recording (HKSR-5803HQ)
  • x2 speed transfer from the VTR to specified server (HKSR-5803HQ)
  • Can be operated in both a horizontal or vertical position

If you need to rent a Sony SRW-5800 today, or know you’ll need a Sony SRW-5800 for rent soon, request your reservation now. Our Video Equipment can be rented out at a moment’s notice, and we honor our earliest reservation requests first.

Click to Reserve: Rent a Sony SRW-5800 $500.00/day

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