Sony DVW-A500 Rental

Sony DVW-A500 Player Rental in Los Angeles, West L.A., Santa Monica, Culver City, Burbank, Hollywood

If you’re looking for a high-end Digital Betacam Editing Recorder in the Los Angeles area – then the Sony DVW-A500 is exactly what you need. 

Click to Reserve: Rent a Sony DVW-A500 $300.00/day

The Sony DVW-A500 is a great fit for entertainment companies like production companies, talent agencies, management companies, and movie studios who want to edit Beta video content.

Digital Betacam Editing Recorder. The Sony DVW-A500 features Betacam and Betacam SP playback capability, pre-read capability for video and audio, serial digital V/A interface (SMPTE 259M) along with built-in component analog video and audio interfaces, and an optional composite analog input (BKDW-505).Built-in A/D and D/A converters for both audio and video signals allow for direct interfacing with analog equipment. Delivers picture in shuttle mode up to speeds of approximately 50 times normal playback. The Sony DVW-A500 also has a Program Play mode which allows video recordings to be reproduced over a range of 15% normal speed, in increments of 0.1%.

If you need to rent a Sony DVW-A500 today, or know you’ll need a Sony DVW-A500 for rent soon, request your reservation now. Our Video Equipment can be rented out at a moment’s notice, and we honor our earliest reservation requests first.

Click to Reserve: Rent a Sony DVW-A500 $300.00/day

This machine uses DigiBeta and Beta SP tapes. Need tape stock to go with this machine?
Click to Order DigiBeta and Beta SP tapes online.

Although we are located in or near the Los Angeles, West L.A., Santa Monica, Burbank, Hollywood, and Culver City areas, we can ship some equipment nationwide. Reserve your video equipment rental now and we’ll contact you about shipping or delivery.

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