Captioning Service

Whether it’s for music videos, DVD’s, or television, captioning services are a necessary part of visual media. And everyone from production companies, record labels, major Hollywood studios, news stations, and television networks come to Westside Media Group for our captioning services.

Whether you’re looking for captioning services in English or any other language, Westside Media Group can handle your closed captioning needs, quickly and efficiently. Let us take care of the captioning services for you, or rent one of our top-of-the-line machines and do it yourself.

Want to do your own captioning?
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Compression Service

Have a video you need converted into another format? Then you’re in luck, because we’ll take any source (tape, file, etc) and compress it into any other format. PLUS – We also offer an end-of-day special price. Here’s how that works: Let us run the compression over night and we’ll charge a flat rate based on the original
format and length of your program! Please call ahead to check availability for this special.

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Digitizing and Tape Capturing Service

Whether you’re an independent filmmaker or a big production company, we can take your HD video footage and compress it to DVD’s or files small enough to watch on your laptop. We do this by capturing your tapes to our RAID/your hard drive – or vice versa.

Our RAIDs are capable of capturing full 4:4:4 10 Bit Uncompressed video at 2K. This is especially invaluable if you’re shooting in various locations and need to have your material quickly at your disposal. Regardless of your situation we can take care of any digitizing/tape captures you need.

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DPX File Conversion Service

Visual effects companies, graphics houses, and special-effects-focused production companies, here is something to pay attention to. We provide a DPX file conversion service, convert Cineon, and other image sequences to any format, or we output them to tape. We use specialty software, designed specifically for these image formats, to ensure correct transfer of image data. We’ve used this process on studio-scale and smaller projects alike.

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DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring Service

When you’re finished creating your content, whether it be a home movie a feature film or a short, it’s time to add the technical components. Westside Media Group can encode your materials for DVD and Blu-Ray and also create stunning menus for your content. Plus, we are now offering DVD and Blu-Ray authoring and mastering through Adobe Encore or DVD Studio Pro and in house duplication.”

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DVD and Blu-Ray Duplication Service

Need huge quantities of DVD and Blu-Ray duplication? Need just 1 or 2 copies? Well either way, you’re in luck. Our Microboards DVD/Blu-Ray Duplicators enable us to create hundreds of DVDs or Blu-Ray’s very quickly with no loss or artifacts. Contact us for quotes on DVD and Blu-Ray duplication or for rental of the duplicators themselves.  Need case-wraps, amaray cases or artwork design? WMG is your one-stop-shop for all the above.

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Rimage Everest Thermal Printing Service

If you’re making CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-Ray Discs, then you’ll also need to have artwork printed onto your disc. That’s where our Rimage Everest Thermal Printing Service comes in. The Rimage Everest Thermal Retransfer printer is used to produce photorealistic images on CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Discs at 60 seconds per disc. In addition to delivering the highest print quality in the industry, the Everest II prints discs that won’t smudge, scratch, or fade. In fact, the Everest II even prints discs that are water-proof!

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Video Digitizing Services SD, HD and HDSR

Whether you’re a home movie enthusiast or a huge Hollywood production company, we can digitize any format video you have – to any other compression format of your choice (including uncompressed). Get every bit of detail out of your master tapes – we maintain a fiber optic RAID system that allows us to capture any tape at the highest possible resolution from all editing stations with speeds over 600 MB per second.

Need to get your film on DigiBeta, HDCAM SR, etc for film festival screenings? We can output to all formats from BetaSP to HDCAM SR or in PAL with full surround sound and Dolby E configured to any audio channel. Regardless of your project, the clarity of your work is our most important goal. Put our tape captures & outputs to the test!

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