WMG Machine Room

Our Machine Room has just about any piece of equipment you could imagine, and we’ve got it here to help YOU with your next project. Just because you’ve run out of time, staff, or machines does not mean that your project’s delivery date will be delayed.

Let us help you by providing almost any mastering, dubbing, conversion, captioning or any other post-production services for you. Check out what’s in our Machine Room, and how it can help you get your project done!

Audio Service

Obviously, the clarity and quality of your video is of utmost importance. But if the sound quality is off or sub-par, then the integrity of your project suffers as well. That’s why Westside Media Group offers audio editing/adjusting services, and outputting to CD or WAV, AIFF, or MP3 format. Don’t let poor audio quality affect your projects! Try our wide variety of audio services today.

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