State-of-the-Art Film Post Production Facility in Los Angeles adjacent to Santa Monica

Post Production Facility Los Angeles

As a boutique post-production facility in Los Angeles, CA, near Santa Monica, Westside Media Group offers a full range of video services to our clients.

Unlike many other post-production facilities in Los Angeles, Westside Media Group prides itself on excellent customer service. When you work with us, you really are working with us, and we do everything necessary to make sure that you get exactly what you want out of our video services. Especially for our video editing services, we understand and take the care and time to make sure that every cut and frame looks and feels right to you and fits your creative vision.

No matter what type of video project you are working on, we have successfully worked with clients in a similar category, and if we haven’t then we will rise to meet your unique needs!!

Post Production Houses Los Angeles

Westside Media Group specializes in AVID and Final Cut Pro finishing, Video Editing, Audio Editing and a variety of other Video Post-Production Services in Los Angeles. For our full range of post-production services, browse the links below, or simply reserve video services.

Editing Service – Our highly-skilled, professional video editing staff will work with you to get the product you want, down to every last detail.

Video Duplication Service – Duplicate your video productions very quickly using our Microboards DVD duplicators, and our Microboards Blu-Ray duplicators.

Audio Service – Clean up your audio quality with our audio editing and audio repair services.

Captioning Service – For English Closed Captioning, or any other language, Westside Media Group handles your captioning needs quickly and with zero errors.

Compression Service – For any source and destination file formats, we get your files compressed and converted quickly and with the error-free quality you expect from a professional post-production facility in Los Angeles.

Digitizing and Tape Capturing Service – Our RAID systems can capture full uncompressed HD at 2K. Whatever tape or digital format you are filming to, we will make your digitizing and tape capturing work flawlessly.

DPX File Conversion Service – We use software especially designed to handle image sequence formats to convert them to any format needed, or output to tape.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring Service – We can encode your materials for DVD and Blu-Ray, and create stunning menus for your content. We now offer DVD and Blu-Ray authoring and mastering through Adobe Encore or DVD Studio Pro and in-house duplication.

Frame Grabbing Service – Westside Media Group can help you capture high-quality still photos from your video frames.

Rimage Everest Thermal Printing Service – Need artwork printed onto your disc? Rimage Everest Thermal printer will print your artwork at 60 seconds per disc and delivers the highest print quality in the industry right now.

Contact Westside Media Group today to work with our highly-qualified team of video post- professionals.

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