DCP Compliant Digital Cinema Packages in Santa Monica

If you’ve got a film that is ready for distribution, but you need to ensure that all of the film mastering has been done “to spec”, contact Westside Media Group about our new DCP Compliant Digital Cinema Packages service. Our Digital Cinema Packages service takes your finished film and makes sure that it is formatted perfectly for the big screen.

Ensuring DCP Compliance is a big deal in making sure that your film is able to be presented on many of the world’s most prestigious screens. The Westside Media Group Digital Cinema Packages service takes whatever format your film is in and transcodes all of your channels perfectly to the DCP Compliant Digital Cinema Packages format. The Digital Cinema Packages format is the most widely accepted digital file format for presenting cinema. This file format is based on the JPEG-2000 codec, and features the pristine clarity of both audio and video that you are used to experiencing at the theater.

When transcoding your film between file formats, the transcoding has to be done the right way, and on the best equipment, in order to guarantee that all the depth and richness of both the audio and video is preserved. Not only that, but poor transcoding can lead to sync’ing issues between your audio and video channels. Don’t wait until 90 minutes into your film to figure out why you should have mastered your film with the real pros. Get it done right, by the right people, the first time, and enjoy the results.

For all of your film mastering needs, including creating DCI Compliant Digital Cinema Packages, Westside Media Group has the pride, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a film master that presents your film exactly as you want – pristine, and error-free. With our DCP Compliant Digital Cinema Packages service, your film will be ready to take on the world’s biggest screens.

Contact Westside Media Group to learn more about our DCP Compliant Digital Cinema Packages service, and our other film mastering services today.

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