Lewis Lipstone

Owner of Westside Media Group (WMG), Lewis Lipstone, has over 30 years of production and post-production experience. In his early career, Lewis worked as an editor for Alan Landsburg Productions where he edited many prime time shows and movies of the week for ABC, CBS, NBC and HBO. Having grown up in a family involved in the industry, Lewis’ career path was almost inevitable. Lewis’ grandfather was head of the music department at Paramount and his father, is partners with Alan Landsburg in their long running Production Company. After a successful tenure as a professional editor and technical director with Alan Landsburg Productions, Lewis founded Westside Post and Rentals. He has since expanded his facilities and editing capabilities for high-end productions. His client list includes the commercial, television and motion picture world’s who’s who including Ford, Lady Gaga, Michael Mann, David Zucker, Oliver Stone, Carnival, Rome, Big Love and Cee-Lo Green.

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